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Commercial - Finising System

GBC South Australia can supply a range of Commercial finishing machines

  GBC DPB-500  
  GBC DPB-500  

  Customers are bound to be impressed by the features within the new DPB-500 perfect binder. The DPB-500 is designed not only for traditional perfect bind jobs, but also for POD short-run job applications by featuring state of the art automated settings to accommodate a range of specifications such as the nipping thickness, creasing positions, milling cover open width and side glue position. 

Features & Benefits:
  • A cycle speed of 525 books per hour
  • Capability of binding a wide range of materials with the maximum finished book size of 360 x 320mm 
  • Book thickness ranges from 1 to 51mm (excluding cover)
  • Air blow and paper separation adjustment ensures the consistent cover feeding up to a maximum of 302gsm substrates
  • Cover sheet sizes range from 120 x 250mm to 360 x 696mm