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Binding & Finishing - Comb Binders

It takes just seconds to create reports and proposals that are sure to put your company in the best light. GBC South Australia offers customers binding elements in an array of colours to compliment perfect binding solutions, with that finishing touch. Also, GBCSA stock binding covers, ranging from economical to extraordinary. Complete your document's look and give your presentation the professional edge with covers from GBC South Australia.
Combind C150Comb Binder - Combind C150 GBC Docubind P200Comb Binder - GBC Docubind P200 GBC Docubind P400Comb Binders - GBC Docubind P400
Simple to use combined punch and bind machine for general office use.
Click For PDFA High Performance manual unit
Capable of producing up to 500
page documents in A4 and A5.

Click For PDFCreated specifically for typical Office environments where demand is highly variable.
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GBC C800 ProComb Binders - C800 Pro GBC Modular Comb Punch MP2000Comb Binders - Comb Punch MP 2000 GBC Modular Punch MP2500iXComb Punch - Modular Punch MP2500 iX
Click For PDFHigh volume comb binding machine; combining electric punching & manual binding.
Click For PDFThe GBC Modular Punch MP2000 is a fixed die punch for plastic binding. Click For PDFThe MP2500iX, is an interchangeable die punch designed for productivity and versatility.
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GBC Magna PunchComb Binders - GBC Magna Punch GBC Plastic Binder 16DBComb Binders - Plastic Binder 16 DB GBC Modular Plastic Binder PB2600Comb Binders - Plastic Binder PB2600
Click For PDFThe GBC Magna Punch is a high-volume punch featuring ten interchangeable die patterns. Click For PDFThe 16DB Plastic Binder offers simplicity and ease-of-use when binding documents up to 16 inches. Click For PDFThe GBC Modular Plastic Binder PB2600 makes plastic comb binding easier than ever.
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