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Commercial Binders

GBC South Australia has a range of solutions for commercial binding, from high end desktop punch machines to high speed automatic punch devices. There is also a range of high speed closers for wire and colour coil. To add to the range, there are two high end desktop models of perfect binders.
GBC Magna PunchGBC Magna Punch

GBC AP2 UltraGBC AP2 Ultra

GBC QuantumGBC Quantum

Click For PDFThe GBC Magna Punch is a high volume punch featuring ten interchangeable die patterns
Click For PDFThe AP-2 Ultra is an efficient and reliable punching system.
Click For PDFThe GBC Quantum Digital Production Punch offers outstanding productivity and speed.


DigicoilGBC Digicoil

STL 1000STL 1000 Binder
Click For PDFThe commercial duty GBC USP 13 is an automatic punch with a maximum speed of 80,000 sheets

Click For PDFAutomate your coil binding with the first production system of its kind
Click For PDFThe STL1000 offers increased productivity for commercial shops and binderies using double wire.
GBC KB2000GBC KB2000 Binder GBC-500PUR Perfect BinderGBC-500PUR Perfect Binder GBC DPB-500GBC DPB-500
Click For PDFCreate professional PERFECT BOUND books, manuals and pads quickly and easily.
Click For PDFThe DPB-500PUR Perfect Binder combines all the automated features of the DPB-500 with the...
Click For PDFDesigned not only for traditional perfect bind jobs, but also for POD short-run job application.