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Folding Machines

Let GBC South Australia assist you in your purchase of a Paper Folder.
Paper folders save you a lot of time and money. These machines are simple to use and easy to operate. Folding paper by hand can be long and tedious, not to mention the painful paper cuts. 
Paper folders: 
Increase the number of sheets you fold per hour. 
Save you time by allowing you to do other things. 
Reduce physical and mental fatigue. 
Save you money by increasing output and decreasing man-power. 
Increase the types of folds you can create. 

HF-200 Compact Paper Folder Duplo DF-755 Manual Setting Folder Duplo DF-915 Automatic Folder
HF-200 Compact Paper Folder Duplo DF-755 Folder Duplo DF-915 Automatic Folder
Click for PDFDesigned to suit the smaller office, the HF-200 folds up to 140 pages per minute.

Click for PDFThe DF-755 Folder is convenient, easy to use, and designed with the budget conscious in mind.

Click for PDFPrecision high-speed folding at up to 280 sheets per minute with sizes up to A3 sheets.

Duplo DF-920 Automatic
Desktop Folder
Duplo DF-1000 Eurofold 235 SM
Duplo DF-920 Automatic Folder Duplo DF-1000 Folder Eurofold 235 SM - Folder
Click for PDFIdeal for the office environment, the fully automatic DF-920 tabletop folder performs high-speed folding.

Click for PDFDesigned to be the ideal folding solution for the color digital printer.
Click for PDFThe Eurofold 235 SM is a high speed folder up to 30,000 sheets per hour.