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  GBC South Australia provides excellence in service and quality of product in South Australia. We stock and support an extensive range of office equipment complimented with a maintainence program to provide our valued customers with prompt and considerate after service. We stock and support an extensive range.
  Binding and Finishing  
  • Comb Binders 
  • Wire & Pro Click Binders
  • Coil / Strip Binders
  • Commercial Binders
  • Duplo Collaters & Booklet Making
  • Paper Folders, Staplers & Paper Drills

  • Laminators and Trimmers
  • Pouch Laminators
  • Roll Laminators
  • Wide Format Laminators
  • Celloglazing
  • Trimmers
  • Paper Cutters/Creasers/Shredders
  • Security Endorsed Schredders
  • Personal & Office Shredders
  • Commercial Shredders
  • Guillotines
  • Card Cutters
  • Summa Cutters

  • Paper Folders and Inserters
  • Paper Folding Machines
  • Low / Mid /High Volume Folder Inserters
  • Production Paper Inserters
  • Postage Meter & Franking Machines
  • Low Volume Postage Meters
  • Mid Volume Postage Meters
  • High Volume Postage Meters
  • Franking Machines
  • Mail Accounting Software

  • Incoming Mail Solutions
  • Envelope Openers
  • High Volume Letter Openers
  • Mail Document Scanners
  • Mail Room Security & Safety
  • Mailroom Furniture

    Mail Addressing & Validation
  • Address Printers
  • Address Validation Software

  • GBC South Australia provides equipment, supplies and service for Document Binding, Laminating, Printing, Shredding and Mail Processing. This comprehensive product range provides solutions to Business,Commercial, Education, Government and Home users within the South Australian market.Think GBC SA for all your binding, finishing, laminators, trimmers and all other office gear.

    24 Blenheim St Adelaide - Phone: 08 8410 7500 - Fax: 08 8410 7511 - Email: