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Postage Meters

Whether you process mail from your home office or in a mailroom at an enterprise-level corporation, GBC South Australia has a mailing system that will simplify your mailings with revolutionary technology.

IJ25 Postage Meter - Low Volume IJ35R Postage Meter IJ40 Postage Meter - Low Volume
IJ 25 Postage Meter IJ 35R Postage Meter IJ 40 Postage Meter
Click for PDFThe IJ-25 combines advanced digital technology with a sleek look and compact dimensions.

Click for PDFThe IJ-35R is a fully refurbished system with all the features of a new machine.

Click for PDFThe IJ-40 is compact & complete. Fully integrated mail pricing, on-line postage rate updates.

IJ50 AF Postage Meter IJ80 Postage Meter IJ90 Postage Meter
IJ 50 AF Postage Meter IJ 80 Postage Meter IJ 90 Postage Meter
Click for PDFIJ50 with optional letter autofeed lets you process up to 95 letters a minute!

Click for PDFIncrease mail center output and keep costs in check with this high performance mailing system.

Click for PDFOne of the fastest, most elegantly designed mailing solutions, system delivers advanced, time saving technology.
IJ110 Postage Meter I-Weigh - dynamic Scale Mail Accounting Software
IJ 110 Postage Meter I-Weigh - Dynamic Scale Mas Postage Meter
Click for PDFThe IJ-80 is a mid to high volume mailing system that combines speed, modularity and advanced technology. Checks weight & dimensions while feeding mail to calculate the correct postal rate.
Click for PDFMAS (Mail Accounting Software) is designed for businesses with more sophisticated needs.