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Pouch Laminators

GBC pouch laminators are based on hot roller technology, & all machines enable you to laminate all types of paper and prints including photos. Printed material is permanently protected between two sheets of clear plastic, keeping documents or pictures looking as good as new.
GBC HeatSeal H312

GBC Heatseal H425

GBC Heatseal H520 - Highspeed
GBC Heat Seal H312 GBC Heatseal H425 - Pouch Laminator GBC Heatseal H520 Pouch Laminator
Click For PDFNew SureFlow Technology is the latest and best development in the GBC range. SureFlow is an active anti-jam technology which makes laminating now even easier

Click For PDFIdeal for the moderate user within the medium sized office environment, the H425 laminator is stylish, versatile and efficient. Protect and preserve a document effortlessly, flawlessly and with confidence with great results every time.

Click For PDFThe preferred choice of the busiest office, the H520 uses HighSpeed technology to give excellent quality results in a fraction of the time of standard office laminators (more than double!).

Docuseal 1200 Docuseal 3500/4500 GBC Auto Ultima
Docuseal 1200 Doucseal 3500/4500 GBC Auto Ultima - Pouch Laminator
Click For PDFProtect your documents with this cost effective lamination solution.

Click For PDFTransform simple pieces into special presentations.
Click For PDFFeed, Laminates, and trims at the touch of a button