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Roll Laminators

GBC South Australia has a range of lamination equipment and supplies to give you the creativity, flexibility and productivity to protect, preserve and enhance your print output. With the range of GBC roll laminators and supplies you have the ability to laminate training manuals, blueprints, articles, teaching aids, certificates, signs, counter cards, pop-up displays, menus, photographs, posters and much more.
Pinnacle 650 EZLoad DOCUSEAL 3100 Emseal
Pinnacle 650 EZLoad Roll Laminator DOCUSEAL 3100 - Roll Laminator Emseal - Roll Laminator
Click for PDFThe easiest to load and use - This is an ideal laminator for any business or school.

Click for PDFThe DOCUSEAL 3100 is an 800mm wide roll laminator - ideal for schools, offices and copy shops.

Click for PDFThe Emseal thermal laminator has been designed for the low to medium volume user who demands quality results.
GBC CATENA 35/65 Titan 110/165  Panda 1600
GBC Catena 35/65 Roll Laminator    Titan 110/165  - Roll Laminator Panda 1600 Roll Laminator
Click for PDFThis unit is designed to laminate, encapsulate and mount prints from colour printers & copiers.

Click for PDFThe Titan 100 series makes high quality lamination easy, cost effective and safe.
Click for PDFThe Panda 1600 is a cold pressure sensitive laminator designed for heat sensitive material.