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Shredders - Security Endorced Shredders

GBC South Australia offers a range of high quality shredders designed to meet all SCEC standards. SCEC The below GBC shredders have been approved as SCEC endorsed products.
GBC Shredder 1324 CCC GBC Shredder 2026 FCC GBC Shredder 5141 FCC
GBC 1324 CCC - Security Shredder GBC Shredder 2026 FCC - Security Shredder GBC Shredder 5141 FCC - Security Shredder
Click For PDFExcellent design, high performance

Click For PDFPower and Performance for high capacity. Easy to use

Click For PDFInnovative, high capacity office shredder.
  GBC 250 Disintegrator  
  GBC 250 Disintegrator - Security Disintegrator  

Click For PDFDestroy virtually any material into particles which cannot be reconstructed.