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GBC South Australia can supply a range of trimmers featuring hardened steel blades and metal construction. Available from small manual desktop units to freestanding electric units.

DT65 /100 /130 Desktop Trimmer DT150 /200 Trimmer & Stand GBC CL420 Paper Trimmer
DT130 Trimmer DT150 Trimmer and Stand - Click for more information GBC CL420 Paper Trimmer
Click for PDFManual desk top trimmer with rotating blade cutting unit mounted on a rectangular sliding bar.
Available in 3 widths.

Click for PDFA Manual trimmer ideal for cutting drawings, photographs, posters, etc.
Available in two widths 1500 & 2000mm.

Click for PDFA stylish and functional guillotine with a maximum cutting length of A3 (457mm)

GBC DT 150E/200E Electric Trimmer & Stand GBC 1043 Paper Trimmer  
Ideal 1043 Paper Trimmer  
Electric trimmer with rotating blade in hardened steel, mounted on a sliding tube.

Click for PDFTrimmer for sizes up to A3 with automatic clamping