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Wire and Pro Click Binders

GBC South Australia can provide binding solutions that turn printed pages into a first class documents. With a little help from GBC, you can produce professionally bound documents, booklets or punched sets.
GBC Docubind TL200GBC Docubind TL200

GBC Docubind TL400GBC Docubind TL400

GBC Wire MacGBC Wire Mac

Click For PDFThis is a manual punch and closer suitable for the office environment.

Click For PDFThis binder features electric punch
and a manual closer.

Click For PDF
GBC Modular Wire Punch
MP2000 W3
GBC Modular Wire Punch MP2000 W3

GBC Modular Wire Punch MP2500iXGBC Modular Wire Punch MP2500iX

GBC Magna PunchGBC Magna Punch
Click For PDFThe GBC Modular Punch MP2000 is a fixed die punch for wire binding.

Click For PDFThe MP2500iX, is an interchangeable die punch designed for productivity and versatility.

Click For PDFThe GBC Magna Punch is a high volume punch.
GBC Wire Closer MC 12GBC Wire Closer MC 12 GBC Modular Wire Binder TL2900GBC Modular Wire Binder TL2900 GBC ProClick ProntoGBC ProClick Pronto
Click For PDFCreate impressive Twin Loop documents. Click For PDFThe TL2900 is a revolutionary single position load and crimp station.
Click For PDFAutomated desktop binding.